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HRSA Grantee Application

The Texas A&M University Center of Excellence in Forensic Nursing received federal grant funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to provide specialized training in forensic nursing free of charge to approved grantees that:

  1. Currently live and work in rural, underserved areas; or
  2. Serve patients that live and work in rural, underserved areas.

We are seeking qualified applicants motivated to expand their knowledge, resources and training through this grant funded opportunity. If accepted, grantees will receive a reimbursement* for accommodations and course costs.

Please note the courses that qualify for reimbursement* are as follows:

  • 40 hour Adult/Adolescent Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Training
  • Meets and exceeds standards for Texas State SANE certification
  • Adult Sexual Assault Simulation
  • Gain all 10 pelvic examinations needed for Texas State SANE certification and experience with 4 simulated forensic medical examinations, 2 of which count toward Texas State Certification
  • Mock Testimony Simulation
  • Gain all 16 courtroom hours needed for Texas State SANE certification

Grantees will also have access to our Community of Practice, where they can continue to grow in their journey with access to resources designed to support them in achieving their career goals including networking for hospital preceptorship sites and preparation for national certification.

*Reimbursement for course costs and accommodations for in-person simulations (including per diem food, hotel, and mileage) not to exceed $5,000.



Kyleen Evanenko

Kyleen Evanenko, MSN, RN

Program Manager Forensic Nursing Outreach